Here we go!

So! This is our very first post, here we will be keeping track of all the work we do on our sail boat Gallivant and the places we go; all the while accompanied by the most important crew  our dog Pumba.

A quick summary thus far, a couple of kids from two small countrytowns got it in their heads to move to the big smoke, otherwise known as Sydney. We packed up our lives got new jobs and settled into a little 2 bedroom terrace in Newtown, barely lasting a month before we went down to the RSPCA and adopted IMG_0842

A few months passed and we suddenly realised all our usual activities were not conducive for city life and we spent a lot of time watching youtube – A LOT of time…

It was hard not to get caught up in the idea of sailing the world, visiting far off places and ditching most of the comforts of home for a life at sea. Tom organised a days sailing lessons for my birthday.IMG_0841

In fine form, as always, I was the least coordinated on the day and did my first ever round-up (if you don’t know the term have a quick google for context – pretty scary on the big expensive yatch) so here is a photo of Tom steering and squinting.

Basically that was it, we decided to start looking for sail boats, got our general boating licences and after looking at half a dozen boats, and wasting many hours waiting to look at aforementioned boats, we found Pied – now re-named Gallivant.


Gallivant is a 26ft 1979 Marieholm Folk Boat, she has a v berth, two single berths, a small head and galley. We are currently in the process of giving her a little update, fixing up the old wires, cleaning the fresh water tank and a few other bits and pieces.

We’ll post a few before an after pictures as we go along with a few tips and tricks we have learnt from our own trials and errors – fixing the many things that break and how to sail – for anyone interested.

Thanks for reading 🙂